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Poem - a special poem for ADAVIC

I had a friend called happiness
And used to have such fun
But happiness fought anxiety
That’s when I came undone

My happiness was torn to shreds
Anxiety won the war
So now I try to live with it
But don’t want it anymore

I've tried to tell it, “Go Away”
But it just falls on deaf ears
It travels with me where I go
And lives on all my fears

I've looked around for happiness
But it’s dark, I cannot see
Anxiety has got its grip
It will not set me free

So I'll keep searching in the dark
Until I find a way
That I can light up this darkened world
And happiness can say

“Yes I was wounded but did not die
I simply needed rest
And when I get my strength again
I’ll win cause I’m the best”

So all my friends at ADAVIC
Although there is a fight
Anxiety will lose one day
Because I'll find the light

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