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You can assist ADAVIC to help the community with their anxiety and depression experiences.


  • benefits the community
  • is done of your own free will
  • is unpaid

As a volunteer, you are entitled to...

  • a healthy and safe working environment
  • know who you are accountable to
  • know how your role fits with the organization
  • adequate and appropriate orientation and training
  • sufficient support and supervision in your role
  • be informed of matters that affect your volunteer efforts
  • be aware of the grievance procedures in the organization
  • be able to say ‘No’
  • reimbursed for out of pocket expenses
  • not to be discriminated against because of your gender, age, sexuality, race, religious beliefs, health or disability status
Volunteer Roles

Volunteering opportunities

ADAVIC relies on multiple volunteer positions to assist us in providing vital support to the community. We have a regular team of between 35 and 50 active volunteers at any one time.

Current vacancies:

Role (with link to Position Description)
Positions available
Support Group Facilitator Volunteer2 X Coburg Group (Mon nights) - Aug 2023
4 X Online Group (Mon or Tue nights) - Aug 2023

Office, Phone & Email Support Volunteer 

All positions currently occupied
Facebook Support AdminWe are now recruiting - Aug 2023
Fundraising - Project Officer VolunteerAll positions currently occupied
Fundraising VolunteerAll positions currently occupied
Marketing Coordinator Volunteer
All positions currently occupied
Educational Events Assistant
All positions currently occupied
Graphic Designer & Desktop Publisher VolunteerAll positions currently occupied
Social Media Advisor Volunteer
We are now recruiting - Aug 2023

How to apply
  1. Read the position description (above) to see if your skills and interests match the role
  2. Submit your resume outlining your interest to ADAVIC's volunteer portal

If you have any questions about these roles you can contact the ADAVIC office.

Placement opportunities

ADAVIC can provide a supportive learning environment for student placements and workplace learning.

ADAVIC does not currently offer any face-to-face counselling services for the community, and therefore we do not have suitable positions if this is required from a placement experience.

Our typical placement opportunities are the same as those offered for volunteer opportunities (see above), in particular:

  • Support Group Facilitator Volunteer
  • Phone, Email, and Admin Support Volunteer

Placement requirements differ across universities and tertiary institutes and across courses, including:

  • the duration of the placement (number of hours required for completion)
  • the type of placement experience needed (eg, "counselling" vs. "support" opportunities; direct client contact (face-to-face) vs. phone contact; working independently with clients vs. observation only, etc)
  • the type of field supervision required during the placement.
  • reporting and assessment obligations

To determine whether your placement is suitable, it is best to contact the ADAVIC office.

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