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Lectures & Workshops

ADAVIC provides educational events on Anxiety and Depression topics for the general public.

These events are presented by qualified health professionals such as Psychologists, Psychiatrists, GP's and Naturopaths.

We also run professional development events for practitioners who work with people experiencing Anxiety and Depression.

See below for more details:

Information Sessions
are usually short in duration (1-2 hours) and provide an overview on a particular topic.
Workshops and Courses
are longer and more in depth, ranging from half-day or full-day workshops to 10 week courses. There is often a focus on practical skills and techniques.
Professional Development
are aimed towards professionals and those who work with people with anxiety and depression.
External Events
are not run by ADAVIC but are related to anxiety or depression

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 Information Sessions

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For upcoming Information Sessions refer below:

    February 2018

    The Mind and Body Connection
    Stacey Linton Photo.jpg
    Presenter: Stacey Linton, Psychologist
    Date: Wednesday 21 February 2018
    Location: Richmond VIC

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     Workshops and Courses

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    No events under Workshops and Courses at this stage.

     Professional Development

    These events are tailored to health professionals who want to develop or refresh their practical skills and knowledge.

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    For upcoming Professional Development events refer below:

    February 2018:

    Deliberate Self-Harm in Young People
    (fully booked)
    Presenter: Jenny Furey, Registered Psychologist
    Date: Monday 26th February 2018
    Location: Thornbury, VIC

    March 2018:

    Choice and Control in Hoarding Disorder

    Presenter: Megan Karnes, Counsellor & Director of HoardingUK  
    Date: Wednesday 21st March 2018
    Location: Kew, VIC

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    School Anxiety/Refusal 
    : Joanne Garfi, Psychologist
    Date: Friday 23rd March, 2018
    : Maribyrnong, VIC

    May 2018:

    Neuropsychotherapy & Positive Psychology in Mental Health

    Peter Kyriakoulis, Clinical Psychologist
    Date: Thursday 31st May, 2018
    Camberwell.  VIC. Peter K image.jpg


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    June 2018:

    Interpersonal Processes:  An Introduction to Working with Distress

    Dr Simon Knowles, Clinical Psychologistsimon_knowles_thumb.jpg
    Date: Wednesday 13th June 2018
    Hawthorn.  VIC.


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    July 2018:

    LIVING WELL:  Mentally, Physically and Emotionally in the Elderly

    : Fiona Batchelor, Health PsychologistFiona Batchelor Image.jpg
    Date: Monday 2nd July, 2018
    Location: Hawthorn.  VIC.  

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    Anxiety & the Brain-Gut Linksimon_knowles_thumb.jpg

    Presenter: Dr Simon Knowles, Clinical Psychologist
    Date: Wednesday, 25th July 2018
    Location: Hawthorn, VIC

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