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This section features articles written by therapists, the media, or public figures.



Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Panic & Agoraphobia


Social Phobia



arrow_red.gif Anxiety: the gift to make you grow

arrow_red.gif Anxiety: to tell or not to tell

arrow_red.gif Coping with anxiety by yourself

arrow_red.gif Generalised Anxiety Disorder - More than being just a worrier

arrow_red.gif Hannah, an anxious child - added 30/4/2010

arrow_red.gif Homeopathy: How it can help anxiety and anxiety-related problems

arrow_red.gif I get blamed so much - added 30/4/2010

arrow_red.gif I joined a Laughter Club

arrow_red.gif Medications

arrow_red.gif Natural Anxiety Recovery

arrow_red.gif Natural help for anxious adolescents  - added 30/4/2010

arrow_red.gif Overcoming sleep problems

arrow_red.gif Perfectionism and Anxiety

arrow_red.gif Pre-natal and post-natal Anxiety

arrow_red.gif Procrastination

arrow_red.gif Something to Ponder On

arrow_red.gif Support Groups

arrow_red.gif Telling Others About Your Anxiety

arrow_red.gif The Fear: a Journey Out of Anxiety

arrow_red.gif The Quest for Personal Growth Continues

arrow_red.gif Vibrational Breath Therapy


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arrow_red.gif Depression Information for Adolescents

arrow_red.gif Taming the Black Dog (Depression)

arrow_red.gif Understanding Depression

arrow_red.gif How to help someone who is suicidal

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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arrow_red.gif Anxious Obsessions

arrow_red.gif Not Again

arrow_red.gif Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) - added 30/08/10

arrow_red.gif Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) - Awareness, Understanding and Treatment  - added 03/04/11

Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia

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arrow_red.gif How to Avoid or End Panic Attacks

arrow_red.gif How to Eliminate Panic Attacks

arrow_red.gif I thought I was going to explode with fear - Bev Aisbett

arrow_red.gif Information for Support People, Family and Friends 1 - added 30/4/2010

arrow_red.gif Information for Support People, Family and Friends 2: driving - added 30/4/2010

arrow_red.gif Jungle rules of survival in agoraphobia

arrow_red.gif Making sense of Panic Attacks

arrow_red.gif Unmasking Fears

arrow_red.gif Why people hide their Agoraphobia from people


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arrow_red.gif Phobias - added 30/08/2010

arrow_red.gif Spiders and You - added 26/07/2010

arrow_red.gif Toilet Phobia

Social Phobia

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arrow_red.gif Cosmetic Psychology - Catalyst ABC TV

arrow_red.gif The Impact of Social Phobia on Quality of Life: The Advantages of Anxiety Support Groups

arrow_red.gif Overcoming Social Phobia using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - Andrew's Story

arrow_red.gif Social Phobia

arrow_red.gif When Blushing Becomes a Disorder

arrow_red.gif Panic attacks ruined my life


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arrow_red.gif Body Dysmorphic Disorder - added 1/02/16

arrow_red.gif Childhood Bullying: Traditional and Cyber Bullying - added 6/03/12

arrow_red.gif Internet Addiction - added 30/08/10

arrow_red.gif Matters of the mind - getting back in control - added 27/06/2010

arrow_red.gif The story of Cornelia Rau - added 30/4/2010

arrow_red.gif Healthy personal boundaries - added 30/4/2010

arrow_red.gif The games parents can play - added 30/4/2010

arrow_red.gif Bullying - How to deal with it - added 30/4/2010

arrow_red.gif Living your values - added 30/8/10

arrow_red.gif Healing through group support - added 30/8/10

arrow_red.gif Fighting stigma in the media - added 08/05/2016

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