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Moments of Stillness - Sarah Edelman - CD
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Moments of Stilness by Sarah Edelman (Phd) with music by Peter Dixon

Track 1
Deep Relaxation
Counting Down the Breath
Observing the Breath
Silence meditation

Track 2
Deep Relaxation
Sinking Downwards
Breathing Meditation
"Deeper" Mantra Meditation
Healing Blue Light

"Moments of Stillness" presents a range of guided relaxation and meditation exercises, spoken to a background of gentle, ambient music. A soothing voice guides the listener through a range of meditation exercises, including focus on the breath, mantra, visual imagery, affirmation and healing energy. Doing these exercises enables the listener to experience a state of deep physical relaxation and mental calm.

This CD contains two sets of guided meditation exercises spoken to a background of ambient music. Each set runs for approximately 30 minutes.

While maximum benefits may be achieved from a half hour meditation session, even 10 minutes of meditation can substantially reduce physical tension, and increase mental calm.
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