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Sleep Soundly - Sarah Edelman - CD
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Sleep Soundly: Guided relaxation, imagery and meditation for promoting sleep (CD)

by Sarah Edelman (PhD) with music by Malcolm Harrison

Sleep soundly contains guided relaxation, visualisation and meditation, specifically designed for promoting sleep. Australian psychologist Sarah Edelman's soothing voice accompanied by Malcolm Harrison's relaxing music guides the listener through a range of calming imagery and gentle exercises.

These calm and sedate the listener by distracting attention away from thoughts, reducing anxiety and releasing tension and physical arousal, which are common obstacles to sleep. It is most effective when played whilst lying in bed, and can be used nightly, or just on those occasions when it is difficult to sleep.

Track 1 (29mins: 45 sec)
Letting go of the day
Observing the body
Deep relaxation
Visual imagery - in the hammock
Affirming sleep

Track 2 (29mins: 22sec)
Letting go
Golden light relaxation
Visual imagery - drifting in space
Affirming sleep

Total Running Time: 59mins:07sec

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