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Anxiety, the truth hidden within a lie
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Anxiety, the truth hidden within a lie

Julian Browne, Psychologist and Psychotherapist
Wednesday 22nd April 2020  ***to be rescheduled***


Hawthorn Library (Meeting Room 3)
584 Glenferrie Road
Hawthorn VIC 3122

7.30pm - 9pm (7.15pm registrations)
$20.00 Standard fee 
$10.00 ADAVIC Members


The experience of daily worry or fear is a common human experience. It is said that modern life is one of increasing anxiety. When anxiety becomes excessive, it can begin to interfere with everyday life and enjoyment. At these times people may seek medication or treatment. However, all too often these interventions only target the secondary symptoms of anxiety rather than the root cause.

This short public talk challenges existing notions of anxiety as an emotion requiring a cure. It will place anxiety under the spotlight, revealing its hidden structure. This structure is what sustains anxiety in individuals, families and organisations.

If not fully understood and addressed, these structures can become embedded and selfsustaining, often increasing in strength over time. Participants will have ample opportunity for

Key points covered:

  • Anxiety can be thought of as a structure rather than an emotion
  • Anxiety is only interested in its own survival
  • Anxiety is not a disorder
  • Wanting anxiety to disappear can perpetuate anxiety

Target Audience

General public and all workers/carers

About the Presenter

Julian is a psychologist and psychotherapist with a background in forensics and working with complex clients and systems. Julian has worked for ten years at Spectrum; the Personality Disorder Service of Victoria. He has also provided direct treatment of severe and complex clients and their families, consultations, service development and training to the health sector in Victoria and interstate. Julian has an interest in psychoanalysis, family therapy, complex systems and integrative learning. He is in private practice and provides consultation, supervision, training, and service development to organisations working with personality disorders and complexity.


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