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ADAVIC Facilitator Training
Code: AFC-010820
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ADAVIC Facilitator Training

"ADAVIC Facilitator Training - Half day training session"
Eva Tanceva, Support Services Co-ordinator
Saturday 1st August 2020


1pm to 5pm

$50.00 ADAVIC Student/volunteer

Bookings limited to 10 professionals
Bookings close 29th August 2020 or when fully booked.

No refunds or credits will be issued after this date.

A support group allows people to express their feelings and provides a forum for discussion in a safe and confidential environment, amongst peers. Groups are guided by facilitators who assist in directing discussions and can provide insight and understanding in regard to issues raised.

  • An ADAVIC group IS a place for community discussion, support and sharing of ideas.
  • An ADAVIC group IS NOT a place for therapy or crisis intervention. 

A facilitator is a person who is required to manage the process of group centred meetings. The facilitator ensures that everyone’s contribution is heard and the process being used are both productive and empowering to all. Facilitators work primarily through leading and blocking techniques, basically directing traffic within a group discussion. Facilitation can also involve managing group member’s emotions and defusing tensions. To be an effective facilitator, you don't have to be a counsellor or psychologist, however, you need to have the ability to be neutral to the discussion, non-judgemental and empathy etc. Knowledge of the group process, sensitivity and keen observation skills are also non-negotiable. You also need to be aware of the 5 stages of Group Development, recognise these stages and know the best approach within each stage. A facilitator will also ideally attend to both process and content. After all, process and content feed one another. Good meeting processes create better content, keeping to relevant content makes for a great discussion process. A productive discussion can only happen when the content is on track and the meeting flows in a functional way. In this workshop we cover the 5 stages of Group Development and the process and content of support groups. 

*Forming *Storming *Norming *Performing *Adjourning

Target Audience

The session is suitable for students studying psychology or health or any individual wanting to learn how to facilitate an anxiety/depression support group.

About the Presenter

Eva Savov-Tancev joined ADAVIC in 1998. For 12 years she has facilitated support groups and for 4 years, Eva in conjunction with another volunteer ran the 10 days to Self Esteem Workshop, by Dr David Burns. During this time Eva also assisted in the Living With It workshops, by Bev Aisbett. On a more personal level, Eva is more than familiar with the fear and dread you feel that comes with anxiety. Her own experiences and struggles to learn to accept and manage her social phobia and panic attacks, led her on a path of self-discovery. Through learning to manage her own anxieties, Eva has given many public talks, including radio, Latrobe University and The University of Calicut in India to name a few. From social phobia to public speaking, Eva comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience in facilitating support groups.

Additional Details:

All attendees will receive:
  • Presentation Handouts and Reference Materials 
  • Certificate of Attendance 

How to Book


2 options:

1. Online booking via the Add to Cart button at top of page

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