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OCD: Understanding & Managing Intrusive Thoughts
Code: PDP-220519
Price: AU$125.00
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Professional Development Workshop 

OCD: Understanding & Managing Intrusive Thoughts
Dr Scott Blair-West, Consultant Psychiatrist
Wednesday 22nd May, 2019
Kew Library - Phyllis Hore Room
Cnr. Cotham Road and Civic Drive
Kew. VIC 3101

5.00pm to 9.00 pm (4.30pm registration)

$125.00 Standard fee
$100.00 ADAVIC Member fee
Bookings limited to 30 professionals
Bookings close 15th March 2019 or when fully booked

Please note that a 25% administration fee applies for refunds requested before 
18th February 2019.  No refunds or credits will be issued after this date.


“What if my mother dies tonight?” - A detailed and topical discussion of the nature and content of intrusive thoughts, focusing on those with catastrophic, violent and sexual content. “I might be a pedophile because I have those thoughts” – comments on how intrusive thoughts change to reflect society’s current fears. “I couldn’t possibly let myself think that – it’s too dangerous” – finishing with discussion of treatment and Exposure and Response Prevention especially.


Everyone has intrusive thoughts.  OCD people have lots and worry about them.

These intrusive thoughts create distress, guilt and shame.  Treatment is possible but requires exposure to the thoughts, refusal to perform compulsions and willingness to face anxiety and tolerate doubt and uncertainty.


Key Therapeutic or Treatment Strategies


  • Education about how OCD works.
  • Exposure and Response prevention.
  • Defusion and other ACT strategies.

Target Audience

Teachers, practitioners, clinicians, case/social workers and other professionals working with youth.

Please note:

APS Members can accrue Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours by participating in CPD activities that they determine to be relevant to their individual professional skills, learning plans and goals. These may be self-initiated. CPD activities do not need to be endorsed by the APS.

About the Presenter

Dr Blair-West graduated in Medicine from the University of Melbourne in December 1983 and after 3 years as a medical officer at Geelong Hospital, entered the psychiatric training program.  He obtained his Fellowship of the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists in 1993 and his Diploma of Psychological Medicine from the University of Melbourne later that year.


He subsequently worked as a lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry for The University of Melbourne in the Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry area for 5 years at The Austin Hospital, Heidelberg, Victoria.  In addition he started in private practice in 1993, specializing in cognitive behavioural therapy particularly for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Panic Disorder.  This has increased significantly over the last 24 years, during which time he has seen more than 1200 patients with OCD and related disorders.  He has been in full time private practice since 1998, commencing as Medical Director of the inpatient CBT treatment programme, The Anxiety and Depression Programme (ADP) at The Melbourne Clinic in 2002.  He co-founded the Melbourne Clinic's OCD programme in 2005 and acts as Medical Director currently.


He now specializes in comprehensive management of anxiety disorders, developing new intensive inpatient programmes for OCD, novel treatment approaches for OCD and CBT supervision for psychiatrists and psychiatry trainees.  He regularly teaches Anxiety Disorder Management and CBT to trainees, psychologists and psychiatrist colleagues and talks to community and self-help organizations on anxiety-related issues.

Additional Details:

All attendees will receive:

  • Presentation booklet and handouts
  • Certificate of Attendance sent post-event
  • Tea/Coffee, freshly home baked cake and sandwiches will be provided

How to Book


3 options:

1. Online booking via the Add to Cart button at top of page

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3. arrow_blue.gifContact the ADAVIC office and make a booking over the phone phone_thumb.gif
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