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Body Dysmorphic Disorder: How Body Dysmorphic Disorders Work & How to Beat It
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Body Dysmorphic Disorder: How Body Dysmorphic Disorders Work & How to Beat It

Dr Ben Buchanan, Clinical Psychologist
Wednesday 3rd April 2019


The University of Melbourne

Hawthorn Campus Conference Room

422 Auburn Rd, Hawthorn 3122

7.30pm - 9pm (7.15pm registrations)
$20.00 Standard fee 
FREE for ADAVIC members


This info session will be an overview of characteristics and treatment of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), which is defined as a preoccupation with a perceived defect in one’s appearance. People with the disorder might look in the mirror for 8 hours per day, and be very distressed by their perceived ugliness. Given the disorder often does not respond to standard treatment approaches, this workshop will focus on pathways around blocks to BDD recovery. This workshop is ideal for clinicians who occasionally encounter clients with BDD symptoms or members of the public with an interest in BDD.
-    Identify diagnostic criteria for BDD
-    Learn the key differences between BDD and eating disorders
-    Understand mirror checking, safety behaviours and reason for self-focus
-    Get up-to-date with the latest treatment evidence and guidelines and learn key dos and dont's for BDD

Target Audience

General public and clinicians, especially clinicians working with eating disorders.

About the Presenter

Dr Ben Buchanan is a Clinical Psychologist with clinical focus in Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). His ground-breaking research with Monash University on the neurobiological characteristics of BDD established clear links with obsessive compulsive disorder, and in 2014 he published the world’s largest neuroimaging studies on BDD’s brain mechanisms. Dr Buchanan treats BDD in his Melbourne private practice using an evidence-based cognitive behaviour therapy approach.

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