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Anxiety in the Elderly: mastering anxiety at any age
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Anxiety in the Elderly: mastering anxiety at any age

Danielle Graber
Monday 31 July, 2017

Old Cheese Factory (Old Shop)
34 Homestead Road
Berwick VIC 3806

1pm - 3pm 
FREE SESSION (registrations are required)

This is an interactive presentation and we hope to answer any and all questions you bring along!  During the session, we will focus on helping you develop a better understanding of what anxiety is and, equally importantly, what it isn’t. For example, it is not a sign of weakness or an inevitable part of ageing.
We will also explain the function of ‘normal’ anxiety, and help you identify the signs and symptoms that may signal that anxiety is becoming a problem for you or a loved one.
Finally, we’ll talk about getting help - when, how and what kind - and share success stories of people choosing to tackle anxiety later in life.
Attendees will perform one relaxation practice during the session that they will be able to take home to use.
A brief overview of available, professional treatment approaches for anxiety will also be presented including: cognitive-behavioural therapy; mindfulness-based CBT; and interpersonal therapy.
Target audience: This presentation will mostly suit members of the general public aged 50 and up, as well as professionals and family members who care for older people in the community and in aged care facilities.

About the Presenter

Danielle Graber is a clinical psychologist and animal-assisted therapist and the principal psychologist of 12 Points Psychology in Ferntree Gully.  Danielle is passionate about demystifying psychology and removing the stigma . that still clings to the idea of “seeing a shrink”. She hopes that by doing that more people can benefit from all that psychology has to offer.

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