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In stillness Conquer Fear: Natural & Effective Anxiety Relief
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IN STILLNESS CONQUER FEAR: Natural & Effective Anxiety Relief
(Public Workshop)

Pauline McKinnon
Saturday 13th May, 2017 - NEW DATE TBA
Hawthorn Library
584 Glenferrie Road,
Hawthorn, VIC
1.00pm - 4pm (12.45pm registrations)
$50.00 Standard fee 
$35.00 ADAVIC members


Participants at this presentation can firstly expect to learn from Pauline’s personal experience of anxiety and the knowledge and know-how she has gained over many years. As Pauline also listens to the stories of others, participants will gain information and understanding of the who, what, why, how and when surrounding anxiety in its many forms – and its symptoms and compelling limitations. Time will be valuably spent in providing a background to Stillness Meditation (SMT™) as a natural therapeutic intervention. Participants will gain understanding as to how and why this approach can bring effective healing. Participants will also experience an introduction to SMT with ample opportunity for questions and open discussion. As always, Pauline’s presentation will focus on sensitive understanding, encouragement and support – with a lighthearted touch to keep humour and happiness firmly on the wellness horizon.

About the Presenter

Pauline McKinnon is internationally known for her signature book, In Stillness Conquer Fear (1983) – currently revised and released as a 30th anniversary edition! All those years ago Pauline’s story brought anxiety to public awareness as a significant social problem and the book continues to offer hope and support today. Pauline is a psychotherapist and the Founding Director of the Stillness Meditation Therapy Centre in Melbourne where she and her associates specialise in the pioneering work of the renowned psychiatrist, Dr Ainslie Meares. Since 1990 Pauline’s further books, recordings and presentations have contributed widely to the practice of meditation generally and led to meditation teaching in schools. Pauline also conducts an SMT Teacher Training Course, she assisted in the development of a meditation module with the Australian Catholic University, and has initiated the formation of MAA (The Meditation Association of Australia). Meditation is rapidly gaining popularity as an effective life-skill. Pauline considers Meares’ unique natural ‘stillness’ approach to be more advanced in its therapeutic value than meditation per se and a fundamental intervention for anxiety reduction, stress management and wellness across the life span.

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