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Lecture - Mental Health & the GLBTI Community: Vulnerability & Treatment
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"Mental Health & the GLBTI Community: Vulnerability & Treatment"
Dr Glen Hosking
Clinical Psychologist

Thursday 13th of August 2015
Northcote Town Hall
189 High Street
Northcote, VIC 3018
Melway ref: 30 E9

7.30pm to 9.00pm 
$15.00 Standard fee
$10.00 ADAVIC members


Members of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (GLBTI) communities are significant more likely to experience mental health difficulties. Anxiety, depression, substance use, adjustment, suicidal ideation and other presenting issues are more frequently experienced by the GLBTI community.  These difficulties often have a significant impact on one’s day to day functioning, quality of life, general enjoyment, and relationships.  Despite increasing visibility of GLBTI people in society and public life, and greater acceptance in society, prejudice and misunderstanding can still be a common experience.  Many GLBTI people cope well with systemic discrimination, and many do not experience any mental health problems.  However, experiences with adjustment, discrimination and stigmatisation can lead to greater vulnerability to emotional distress, depression, anxiety and other mental health problems.  This presentation will outline some of the mental health vulnerabilities that GLBTI people experience.  This will include common thoughts, feelings and behaviours that may contribute to mental health difficulties for GLBTI people.  In addition, it will review practical, effective treatment techniques that people can use to help overcome difficulties and reduce the vulnerability. 

About the Presenter

Dr Glen Hosking is a Clinical Psychologist with over ten years experience.  Dr Hosking currently works in both private practice and holds the position of Lecturer in Psychology at Victoria University where he teaches in the postgraduate psychology and counselling courses. Dr Hosking frequently works with members of the GLBTI community to overcome mental health difficulties and as such understands the unique experiences inherent within the community.  In 2011 he addressed the conference ‘After Homosexuality: The Legacies of Gay Liberation’ on the impact of the media on GLBTI mental health.  He has also conducted research on the effectiveness of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Mindfulness with anxiety and depression.  Dr Hosking regularly presents in the media, having regular appearances on Sunrise, Seven News, Kiis101.1, 3AW and JOY 94.9. .


ADAVIC is grateful for and acknowledges that this event and associated information resources are supported by the Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation.

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