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Letting IT Go - Bev Aisbett
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Letting IT Go: attaining awareness out of adversity
By Bev Aisbett

As a survivor or Panic Disorder, Bev Aisbett had a lot to live with. But she overcame IT and has shared with us the secrets of her success in two previous books, Living With IT and Living IT Up.

In this new book, Bev Aisbett shows us how we can use the strategies learned in her journey of self-discovery to achieve change and growth in our lives. Now Bev Aisbett has a lot to live for. And we can too!

Learn how to:
  • recognise self-limiting beliefs
  • improve our self-esteem
  • change our negative attitudes
  • benefit from fortuitous coincidences in our lives
  • improve our intimate relationships and ourselves
  • learn to love and forgive others, and ourselves
136 pages.

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