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Experiencing Stillness Meditation - Pauline McKinnon - CD
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Experiencing Stillness Meditation CD
By Pauline McKinnon.
(2013 version)

Author and psychotherapist, Pauline McKinnon is acknowledged by the late Australian psychiatrist, Dr Ainslie Meares as a prominent exponent of his unique approach to meditation - the experience of stillness. She is widely known for her work in this field and her book In Stillness Conquer Fear describes her own journey of positive change from anxiety and tension to stress free living. In her private practice in Melbourne Australia, Pauline works with both adults and children, cultivating life enhancement through stillness meditation.

She conducts lectures and workshops for various groups including schools, community centres and hospitals, and is a guest university presenter. If you are too distant to share mediation time with Pauline, or if you simply feel the need for help with your daily practise or a glimpse into her sessions, this introduction to stillness is for you.

A natural and simple lifeskill for tranquility, this style of meditation brings freedom from anxiety and tension and the discovery of harmony, health and happiness - the qualities of a better life. Instructional and experiential, this presentation will be of interest and guidance to those who seek stress free living.

Track listing:

1. Introduction [2.25]

2. What is Stilllness Meditation? [2.09]

3. Major benefits of stillness [2.33]

4. Further benefits [2.16]

5. Towards tranquillity [1.50]

6. Before commencing practice [2.44]

7. Requirements for practice [3.27]

8. Basic introduction to stillness for beginners [16.14]

9. Introduction to a deeper experience of stillness [19.24]

10. Introduction to a more complete experience of stillness [20.20]

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