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Complete Self-help For Your Nerves - Dr Claire Weekes
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Complete Self-Help For Your Nerves
By Dr Claire Weekes

During her long and illustrious career Dr Claire Weekes provided information, self-help techniques and comfort, both in person and through her lectures, writing and tapes, for many thousands of patients worldwide.

Although Claire Weekes is no longer alive, her empathic guidance lives on in this new volume compiled from the practical and supportive advice in her two popular books, Self-Help For Your Nerves and  More Help For Your Nerves. Well over 300 000 copies of her most popular Self-Help For Your Nerves have been sold. Now, with the release of this comprehensive volume, a new generation can be introduced to Dr Claire Weekes' compassionate yet practical advice to sufferers of nervous tension and panic attack.

Dr Claire Weekes spent over forty years in practice, firstly as a general practitioner, and later as a consultant physician with a special interest in the anxiety state. She has been published extensively on this subject.

Complete Self-Help For Your Nerves has been revised to take account of current medical information.

264 pages (2008 version updated with a new chapter).

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