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Fixing IT - Bev Aisbett
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Fixing IT: The complete survivor's guide to Anxiety-free living

By Bev Aisbett

What's your IT? Anger? Fear? Low self-esteem? Depression? Addiction?

FIXING IT brings together, for the very first time in one volume, a complete guide to surviving anxiety in its many forms and how to move on to achieve change and growth in our lives.

Includes the titles:

  • LIVING WITH IT: A Survivor's Guide to Panic Attacks
  • LIVING IT UP: The Advanced Survivor's Guide to Anxiety-free Living
  • LETTING IT GO: Attaining Awareness out of Adversity.

About the author

A survivor of Panic Disorder, cartoonist and author Bev Aisbett presents a fun, easy-to-read guide for sufferers of anxiety disorders, and a valuable insight for those interested in personal development.


136 Pages
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