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Living with ANTs - Sally-Anne McCormack
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Living with ANTS
By Sally-Anne McCormack
Illustrated by Lindsay Flatt

Does your child become anxious often? Loses his / her temper for no reason? Cries or is sad more often than might be expected?

Greater than one in ten children are reported to have a mental health issue. They are plagued by ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts). These insidious creatures crawl into their heads, tell them things that are not true (eg. everyone hates you, you're going to have a bad day, etc.), and the children feel powerless to stop listening to them...

That's what it is like when you are "Living with ANTs".

About the Author

Sally-Anne McCormack is a clinical psychologist in Melbourne, Australia. She is also a media consultant (often seen on television and interviewed for newspapers, radio segments, etc.), former teacher, wife and mother of four. In her practice she sees clients in individual and group settings.


Illustrated, full colour
28 pages

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