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In Stillness Conquer Fear (25th Anniversary ed.) - Pauline McKinnon
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In Stillness Conquer Fear (25th Anniversary Edition)
By Pauline McKinnon

In these pages I offer you what I have learned about fear and anxiety, how these become disorders, how people's lives are affected, how to manage symptoms and how to find effective and lasting relief. I present a new edition of this book to mark 25 years since its first publication, 25 years in professional practice and 30-something years' freedom from the clutches of agoraphobia.

Although this book is primarily addressed to adults, anxiety does not differentiate between age groups and many young people are suffering greatly, too. If parents, teachers, counsellors, doctors and other interested adults want to help our young, I believe they may discover some useful clues by reading this book.

In this totally revised four-part edition of her landmark book, Pauline McKinnon gives her practical, clinical insight as a psychotherapist and her personal understanding from overcoming debilitating agoraphobia to all those touched by anxiety in their lives. She writes with compassion and wisdom to explain how to beat anxiety using her beautifully simple method of Stillness Meditation Therapy (SMT), based on the work of eminent psychologist Dr Ainslie Meares.

A practicing psychotherapist, Pauline McKinnon specializes in Stillness Meditation Therapy (SMT), maintaining the unique teachings of Dr Ainslie Meares.  She also conducts a practitioner training course along with regular lectures and workshops for corporate bodies, community centres, support groups, schools, hospitals and universities.
During her long and illustrious career Dr Claire Weekes provided information, self-help techniques and comfort, both in person and through her lectures, writing and tapes, for many thousands of patients worldwide.

250 pages (2008 version - revised).

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