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Book of IT - Bev Aisbett
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The Book of IT
Bev Aisbett
* This is the latest book in Bev Aisbett's 'IT' series - released 2008.
  • Do you beat yourself up over mistakes?
  • Do you often worry, worry, worry?
  • Do you tend to expect the worst?
  • Do things have to be perfect before you can enjoy them?
  • Do you have a belief that life is hard?
  • Are you overly concerned about what others think of you?
  • Do you compare yourself to others?
  • Do you find it hard expressing your feelings, especially anger?
  • Do you give more than you get?
  • Do you look after others more than you do yourself?
  • Are you critical of yourself and others?
 If you answered "yes" to even half of these questions, would you say that your life and emotions are in balance?
Anxiety isn't a punishment - it's a wake-up call, and you can do something about it!
Using 10 steps from her popular workshops, counsellor Bev Aisbett provides you with practical, sound advice on how to recognsie and tame anxiety, whether it affects you occasionally or every single day.
160 pages.

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