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ADAVIC's Adolescent Survival Guide
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 ADAVIC's Adolescent Survival Guide comprises a collection of articles written by leading health practitioners with expertise in the treatment of anxiety and depression in adolescents and children.

It is intended to provide children, the adolescent, parents and those that work with adolescents, a comprehensive overview of anxiety and depression issues specific to this age group.  ADAVIC believes that it is important to address these issues as early as possible, and it is intended that the guide will provide a useful starting point towards dealing with these from an early age and assist in the journey towards eventual recovery.

The guide is packed with information that is easy to read and understandable for the teenager. It covers topics such as the origins, treatments and recognition of anxiety, social phobia, obsessive compulsive disorder, and depression for people of this age. Furthermore, it also covers information on specific therapies such as meditation and breathing exercises as well as valuable list of helpful books, websites and other organisations.

Worthy of a separate mention is the guide's information about bullying, which assists in providing skills and techniques in coping for the child or adolescent being bullied, as well as helpful approaches to be taken by parents and school staff.

With professional contributions from:
  • Ron Rapee
  • Ruth Rosalion
  • Bev Aisbett
  • Catherine Madigan
  • Sallee McLaren
  • Evelyn Field
  • Pauline McKinnon
  • Brien Cole  
The Adolescent Survival Guide was self funded and was made possible by the generous time and effort volunteered by health professionals, and ADAVIC volunteers and staff.

60 pages.

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