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Phone Support

 Phone Support, Information, and Referral

Wednesday to Friday
10.30am to 4.00pm

Outside of these hours, please leave a message on our answering machine or send us an email.

Facebook support is available outside of these hours

(03) 9853 8089
Provided by
ADAVIC Volunteers (many are studying psychology, counselling, or social work, or have had their own experiences with anxiety and depression)

Support, Information, Referral


The support aspect of the service provides callers with the opportunity to speak openly, honestly and anonymously to a caring, listening ear. Callers are free to disclose as much or as little as they feel necessary across unlimited topics. The most common topics of discussion include generalised anxiety, depression, anxiety disorders, feelings of concern, worry or fear, related short and long term issues and what options are available to them.


The information facet of the service acts as a means for providing callers with relevant information. This may include material about anxiety, depression and related disorders as well as handy tips, contacts, support group services, online support and community programs.


The referral feature utilises ADAVIC’s Find a Therapist database, professional contacts and professional listings with the Australian Psychological Society to help find and direct callers to relevant counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists and/or other allied health professionals. Although volunteers are unable to make personal recommendations of these health professionals, they will endeavour to provide the caller with the most appropriate referral options.

 Questions & Answers

Who can call the phone service?

The ADAVIC Phone Support, Information and Referral service is available to anyone. This can include individuals currently experiencing anxiety, depression and related feelings, those who have previously had these experiences, families, friends or caregivers of these individuals and teachers, health professionals or any others that require further information on ADAVIC’s services.

Is this phone service a crisis line?
No. The ADAVIC Phone Support, Information, and Referral service is not a crisis line, it is tailored towards information provision and both short and long term support.

Individuals who require immediate support and assistance should call Lifeline on 13 11 14, emergency services on 000, or their local hospital emergency department.

Do I have to pay for this service?
No, the ADAVIC's Telephone Support, Information and Referral service is provided free of charge. Costs incurred will be that of a local call, or higher from mobile phones, pay phones, or interstate numbers.

Who will answer my call?
The service is manned by trained volunteers. These individuals have varied degrees of personal experience with anxiety, depression and related disorders, as well as various qualifications in relevant fields, however, are not qualified counsellors.

The organisation endeavours to answer each and every call, but in periods of high demand, the caller will be directed to an answering machine. If the caller wishes to leave contact details, their phone call will be returned as soon as possible by one of the volunteers. If not, individuals can call back at any time or contact us via our:

Is my call confidential?
All phone calls are completely confidential, unless in an extreme circumstance, the volunteer believes the caller may be at risk of harm to themselves or others. In this case, the volunteer may seek assistance from a colleague or supervisor and may alert emergency services if necessary. Additionally, if the caller requests ADAVIC’s volunteers to contact another organisation or health professional on their behalf, some details may be disclosed with the caller’s permission.

What should I expect when I make the call?
ADAVIC and its phone support volunteers are dedicated to help a caller in whatever ways possible and necessary. In order for this to occur, volunteers will endeavour to provide a listening ear, undivided attention, an open mind and confidentiality. A caller is free to disclose as much or as little information as they feel comfortable.  In collaboration with the caller, the volunteer will aim to establish the caller’s needs (information, referrals, bookings, resources or support) and through discussion of these, will strive to provide the most relevant assistance.

What will be discussed during the call?
A caller can discuss any issue or concern they wish to express. The nature of the service means that callers are able to seek phone support or further information. The volunteer will aim to determine the caller’s needs by the information disclosed to them and will then provide the caller with options tailored towards these needs. This may include, but is not limited to referrals, support groups or lectures and workshops. Although the caller will lead the discussion and is able to speak freely, the volunteer may ask exploratory questions in order to provide the most relevant service possible.

What level of help will I receive?
ADAVIC phone support volunteers are not qualified counsellors, however they receive extensive ADAVIC training. A central intention of the phone service is not to provide specific advice to callers, but rather to discuss and explore options that are available to them. Another function of the service is to provide information to callers about mental health services, relevant resources and referrals to health professionals. As such, subsequent interaction between the organisation and the caller may occur following the initial call, so as to provide the volunteer with the opportunity to research and investigate the most appropriate information and referrals.

Although our volunteers are unable to make personal recommendations of these health professionals, ADAVIC’s volunteers will endeavour to provide the caller with the most appropriate referral options.

If it is determined that the caller requires further immediate assistance, the volunteer will provide the caller with on the spot contact information for more specialised services (emergency services, Lifeline etc).

Can I ask for advice about medication?
Although callers are free to speak openly and ask whatever questions they like, ADAVIC highlights that only specific health professionals (e.g. GPs and psychiatrists) can prescribe medication, and if it is deemed the best course of intervention it needs to be regimented by these professionals on a case-by-case basis. The organisation has an open stance on medication, however does not actively promote its use. ADAVIC acknowledges the benefits of medication for some individuals but also that it may not be beneficial at all in other circumstances.

As phone support volunteers are not medical professionals, they are not qualified to provide information regarding medication. The ADAVIC website provides some information about medication, including articles and links to reading materials and books which detail this more substantially.

If a caller requires advice about medication, ADAVIC advises that they seek the help of their GP or other trained medical professional.

If the Phone service is not available, who else can I call?

The ADAVIC service is equipped with an answering machine, which means that calls will always be returned.
If a caller requires more immediate assistance, a number of other organisations can provide similar services and helplines:

Lifeline13 11 14
1300 651 251
Parentline (Vic)13 22 89
Men’s Line Australia1300 789 978
Kids Help Line1800 551 800
Reconnexion1300 273 266
Beyondblue 1300 224 636
Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria (ARCVic)
1300 269 438
Nurse on Call (Vic)
1300 606 024

If I am not comfortable talking on the phone, can I contact you any other way?
Yes, ADAVIC also offers an Email Support, Information, and Referral service ( during the same operating hours as phone support.

ADAVIC also provides a Facebook support service which is available 24 / 7 and is moderated by ADAVIC volunteers between 9am and 9pm.

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