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Words Hurt

We all should know bullying hurts.
It just starts with one word, one voice
Worthless, ugly, Fat. These are the words people hear.
Did you know you’re the reason why they live in a fear?

Day by day you are putting them in pain,
It takes forever for their hearts to be repaired
All they ask for is one true friend,
But you make them want to end their life.

Every day they wake up with no faith,
All they want is to overlook the pain.
It’s not only physical abuse; it’s the words that have been said.
The pain is getting too much, but it wants to fade away.

This is when they start giving up,
They are tired of living in a lie, sick of being strong.
But they know they will make it though,
You may not have known, but they always have.

The smiles on their faces are fake, just so they can pretend to be happy.
They have confidence in making it all the way.
Obviously the words still hurt,
But the pieces have been put together again.

Someone leaves the crowd and lends them a hand,
They realize it’s time to stand.
The smile on their face is no longer fake,
Now they have no reason to hurt.

You see, all they ever wanted and needed was a true friend,
Someone to stand by them when the pain came again.
Now they are free.
The insults barely come, don’t you see?

The bullies are never wanted, unless wanted to leave,
The person you bullied now has no need for long sleeves.
Your work here is done, not that it should have started,
Now let’s see who’s the one who feels broken hearted?

Getting bullied gave you the power to be strong,
But you can’t help but wonder “What if”,
What if they didn’t get so strong?
What if they were crumbled all along?

What you didn’t think of, is what it could have been,
What if they pulled the blade to their skin?
What if you pushed them off the edge,
to where they tied a rope around their neck or
even cut themselves deep?

What if they wrote down everything they were hiding.
Right before overdosing on their pills?
You don’t know what would of happened,
You were doing it all for fun.

You think their losers, but they are so much stronger then you,
Have you seen what you put them through?
With your stupid words.
They are leaving, bully, say your goodbye.

One more thing before you leave,
Did you enjoy my little show?
Remember, words can hurt more than physical abuse,
Believe me now? Cause this was just a feeling.

-Jacqui Copyright 2014

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