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Poem - Untitled - Rhiannon Anderson-Reed

By Rhiannon Anderson-Reed (11 years old)

I see some darkness in the corner of the maze,
All around me is nothing but a smoke filled daze,
My head is full of worry and stress,
I can’t seem to find a way out of this mess.
An all too familiar feeling fills my body,
With a blur in my vision and my ears, popping,
Why oh why is this happening to me
I cant seem to escape and run free
I take a deep breath and look once more,
A feeling of excitement fills deep in my core,
A future I can see where I could be free
Its now or never its up to me
To step forward and walk the path
Refusing to live my life by only half
I will conquer on and fight with a new found spark
This world was meant for me to engrave my mark
My life will be a maze that doesn’t stop turning
It’s now up to me to begin my journey….

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