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Poem - The Ocean - Eva Savov


By Eva Savov

There is a feeling, a kind of feeling, words cannot describe, once one learns to be silent and listens to the ocean. One truly understands the meaning of one great man that once said: "Man cannot discover new oceans until he has courage to lose sight of the shore."
A peace of mind occurs. Suddenly you feel the truth within your heart. A magical feeling as you unite and become one with your body, mind and heart. Somehow, you stop analyzing and seeing what's only in front of you. You look deeper and further. You see the waves how they unleash the truth that lies deep within you. You lose sight of all that is limiting and hope finds its way back to your heart. You stop questioning and doubting yourself. You discover the feeling of love that has been yearning for you to share it with the wondrous things in this beautiful land. There is no right or wrong, for love goes beyond any words or actions. It's like a ray of light that leaves your heart and brings a shine to everything that it touches.
The breeze of the wind against your face, is nature's slap to awaken you to what is reality. And reality is, a heart full of love does not experience jealousy, hate or anger, it does not need material possessions to feel happy or waits for someone else to bring it happiness.
You awaken to the truth. The truth is, once you learn to love, honour and appreciate yourself, all other feelings experienced, came to you from feeling insecure and not nurturing and loving yourself. 

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