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Poem - My Garden

(Author Unknown)

Deep inside of me there is a garden, full of many seeds.  Three very special seeds have names. Those are Confidence, Calmness and Contentment. 

I was born with these seeds, but when I was young the garden was not tended to, and the seeds of ugly weeds began to take over Confidence, Calmness, and Contentment.  As I grew older, I thought that the weeds had taken over the garden for good, and that Confidence, Calmness, and Contentment were killed.

Gone forever. 

What I didn’t know was that the little seeds, no matter how many times they were stepped on or neglected, were the strongest seeds in the garden.  They were alive, only lying dormant, for many years.  For when I began tending the     garden myself by nurturing the seeds with love and respect that they deserved – small, yet strong, lovely sprouts  began to grow. 

Someday soon they will chase away the weeds and become the most beautiful flowers in my garden. 

Eventually, they will drop other seeds into the fertile soil and they too will grow strong with lovely flowers, with names like Hope, Pride, Peace, and Dignity. 

Nobody will be able to walk on my garden again --- I won’t let them! For I know that every human being has the right to grow a beautiful garden inside of them.

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