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Poem from someone who suffers from Agoraphobia

Soon I'll have to leave my room
an easy quest, you would assume
so why can't I remove this dread
ease the panic in my head

Numb the pulse of frantic veins
keep my breathing under reins
dissolve the tears in swollen eyes
embrace the sun and bright blue skies

Spent thirty days inside these walls
with daily breaks and several calls
this endless time I've had to dwell
on failed trips that went to hell

Can't breathe in any public crowd
it bursts my ears, gets way too loud
so count the seconds till I flee
it won't take long, I guarantee

An injured sense of self-esteem
has driven me to this extreme
I'm terrified to let one see
the wounded heart inside of me

I'd never want to be portrayed
as someone weak, just too afraid
the truth is that I live in fear
of anyone that gets too near.

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