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Poem - For Mum

By 'Moonlight'


Dear mum as I sit here quietly thinking
Completely devoid of inspiration
Trying to express my thoughts on paper
Deep feelings of love and emotion

Although I have always loved you
It is in maturity I now realise
The unselfish love a mother gives
To which her children are seldom wise

A mother is constantly giving
Her needs come consistently last
And someday I would love to repay you
For your love of today and the past

Thoughts of you as my mother
Will always bring pleasure to me
Because my image of you will forever
Be there as a warm memory

- 17th March 2001 -


Sometimes a feeling
Is as fleeting as a thought
Sometimes in our feelings
We get trapped and caught

Often I feel sad
Too sad to cry
Some things are easier
And I seem to get by

Love is also a feeling
As precious as a white dove
Or the petals on a soft pink rose
Or the sun and moon above

Whatever you're feeling today
In daytime or at night
Remember things will change
If you always walk towards the light

- 31st January 2001 -

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