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Peace After Years of Panic

This page uploaded 31 July 2009
By Monique Bouma

For 17 years, Langwarrin resident Jill Lamb had panic attacks - racing heart, dizziness, nausea, shaking. But now she has overcome the anxiety disorder, she says her life is better than ever.  
"I now see it as positive," she said. "It's given so much back to makes you aware of what you're thinking."  
She describes the disorder as "a fear of fear itself". During the years of the attacks Ms Lamb had "a lingering anxious feeling", not understanding what was happening to her.  
"Doctors had put it down to nerves and depression, but it was never depression," she said.  
The breakthrough came after she read a magazine article by Bronwyn Fox, an expert on anxiety disorder, and subsequently Fox's book Power Over Panic. Ms Lamb, 41, said she was now 90 per cent recovered from the disorder.  
"Seventeen years is a long time to live in a black hole, so to speak...but I'm glad it's happened."  
She said it was important to let people know about anxiety disorder "so they know they are not alone".  
"There is an answer. You can turn your life around," she said.  
The Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria is keen to raise awareness about the disorder in the Frankston area. The association has organised for the author Bev Aisbett to speak in Frankston in early October about overcoming anxiety and depression. Ms Aisbett began suffering from the disorder in 1991, and this was followed by depression. She has since spent a decade undertaking research, personal development and training, which led to her own recovery and a career helping others with the disorder.  

*Bev Aisbett spoke at the Country Comfort Frankston on the 3rd October 2001 and attendance was close to 100 people.  

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