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AUSTRALIAN STORY - Colouring the Dark

This page uploaded 31 July 2009
Aired on the ABC on the 26/4/04

Successful international artist Greg Wilson once saw life as a series of browns and black.

Suffering the agonies of depression from adolescence, he sought escape from its demons by
speeding on powerful motorcycles and with other high-risk activities.
He failed to find understanding from the traditional medical fraternity and had several close shaves with death, one from his own hand.

He finally found empathy with the help of a naturopath, Josie Alder, who put him on the road to
managing and respecting his illness.

She brought back the colour to Greg's life which he now channels through his art, produced and sold through the gallery he and Josie established near the rustic home that they and two friends share in the idyllic Hunter Valley.

One piece has even made its way to a New York Fire Department where it hangs as Greg's moving response to the September 11 tragedy.

And New Yorkers will see more of Greg's work when the Australian Consulate there hosts his
exhibition in June.

Greg still lives with what he calls his "continual madness", supported by people who always told him "you can do it".

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