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Recipe - Healthy Eating Ideas

Healthy eating ideas. some bad and some good ones

by Jess

Growing up my mother did her best to make sure that my sister and I were very healthy. Here are some of her inventions: (Not recommended but good for a laugh-Sorry Mum!)

-Wheat germ on ice cream (it ruined the whole experience really).

-A tablespoon of Cod liver oil to start the day (no wonder I hate the smell of sardines and hated seafood for most of my childhood)

-Instead of chips and dip, we had raw carrot (yum), raw broccoli (yuk) and raw cauliflower (no appropriate comment allowed.) I remember at my 10 th birthday party seeing the horrified looks on my friend’s faces when the snacks were brought out!

-Instead of salt and pepper we had kelp. Whats that? (you may ask) No – not the big stuff that sushi is wrapped in, Kelp comes in a granulated form and looks like pepper. I used to gingerly sprinkle a tiny bit on my meal and then mix into my mashed potatoes so I couldn't taste it.

So from those few examples you probably think I have some more strange ideas too. My ideas might not appeal to you, but I can assure you they taste a lot better than raw cauliflower!


My ideas:


* Use natural unsweetened yoghurt instead of sour cream on burritos, in pasta sauces and dips instead of regular cream.

* Use cottage cheese instead of regular cheese on toast, pasta etc.

* Use honey on oats, cereals and in your tea as a replacement for sugar.

* For a yummy snack mix sultanas, sunflower seeds, almonds etc, it will give you energy and a bit more willpower when the chocolate cravings hit.

* Canelleni beans are yummy, as are chickpeas, kidney beans and other legumes, they are also very good for you. I put them in pasta, curry's, rices (a good substitute for meat when you've run out of ingredients!)

So what I'm trying to illustrate is that you don't have to sacrifice taste to develop healthier eating habits. Subtle changes can make a difference!
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