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Recipe - Easy Fish

By Janesse

Fish is a great source of Omega 3s. There has been a lot of evidence and research recently that suggests Omega 3s can help with anxiety and depression so I thought this time I would give you some fish recipes to try.



I find this is a quick and easy way to cook fish.

Just take any sort of fish fillet and wrap it in foil and bake in the oven for about 15-20 mins depending on the thickness of the fish.

You can add whatever you like to the fish before you wrap it in foil.

I like mine quite plain with chopped garlic and lots of lemon but you can add any kind of herb or spice you like. For example you could do a Thai inspired fish with lime juice, corriander and sweet chilli sauce.

While the fish is baking you can steam some nice fresh vegetables to go with it.

Easy, quick and good for you!
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