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My Life With Pets

This page added 27 May 2011
By Kylie

Life can be very complex to those around us that don’t understand anxiety or mental health related issues. It can be a lonely time too especially when you feel no one understands your emotions or the battle you are fighting from within.

This is where I have found strength in animals and the important role they have in my life. You only have to read or hear about animals being use in therapy or visiting the elderly in nursing homes to bring them a sense of well-being.

I don’t really know how my mental health and anxiety issues started but they have been with me since my childhood. My childhood wasn’t a happy one and even when I was a little I remember trying to bond with animals. I have to admit that I found it hard to have animals in my life when I was younger. To me they were a sense of comfort but when that comfort was no longer there I would cling to other things and forget the role those animals or pets had in my life. I realise now that I am a lot older the wonderful journey that pets can have in your life. I currently have a guinea pig named Mia and a cockatiel (bird) named Bailey. My mum also has two budgies that keep her active and I must admit at times you feel like telling all the birds to be quiet but in a funny sort of way. To me having pets are like having children and I tend to spoil them at times but I love them and couldn’t imagine it any other way even though they don’t always use the gifts or treats I give them.

My point in writing this article is to let others know that pets can bring you so much for little in return. If you have never had a pet, start from small. Maybe a fish or even an insect nothing wrong with bringing nature into your home. My pets seem to pick up on days when things don’t go my way or when I just don’t feel like it today they get me going in the morning and make that frown into a smile on my face. I rent with my mum so owning pets can be a hassle when renting.  But we keep our place clean and what others don’t know won’t hurt them. I feel pets are like us. We share so many similar emotions and feelings. I hope my piece gives some of you courage to keep fighting the battles we all have from within and that you are able to get some strength.

God bless you all.


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