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Is Fear Ruling Your Life?

This page added 4 March 2011

By Dr. Vesna Grubacevic
Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP practitioner

Does fear hold you back from doing what you really want in life?  Do you overreact to spiders, people, situations or things irrationally?  Are you worrying or stressing about an upcoming family event, meeting or call, the future, money, relationship, career or life generally?  Do you suffer from performance anxiety and wish it would stop affecting you?

Let’s get clear about the fear
Before you can effectively address the fear, first you need to acknowledge the type of fear it is – is it a past fear, a “fear of”, a phobia or anxiety.  Here are some guidelines to assist you:

Past fear
Fear is an emotion.  Anytime we feel fear that is in proportion to the situation we are faced with, the emotion is appropriate for us.  For example, a person walking down a dark alley alone at night in a dangerous suburb may feel appropriate fear.  However, anytime we feel fear that is out of proportion, it is a sign that the fear from the past is unresolved for us.  If you find yourself overreacting to situations with fear or being held back from taking action because you are scared, you may have past fear to address.

Fear of...
In addition to past fears, some people have a fear of specific things or situations.  Common “fear of” examples include: fear of success, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of public speaking, fear of being judged, fear of being alone, fear of being hurt, etc.  These “fear of’s” are actually limiting decisions and beliefs, rather than emotions, and can also hold us back from being, doing and having what we desire in life.  For example, a person with a fear of public speaking will hold back from volunteering to speak in public, or when asked to do a presentation may put it off to the last minute, or if they decide to do it, they will have out of proportion fear before and/or during the presentation.

A phobia is an intense and irrational fear.  It is a much more intense overreaction than past fear, and it is triggered by a specific animal, thing, situation or person.  Most phobias, like fears and “fear of’s” originate from our early childhood.  People can have all types of phobias. The most common types of phobias include:
  • Arachnophobia: Fear of spiders.
  • Social Phobia: Fear of or the dread of social situations.
  • Aerophobia: Fear of flying or plane travel.
  • Agoraphobia: Fear of any place or situation where escape or any help might not be available or the escape route is complicated.
  • Claustrophobia: The fear of confined spaces or the fear of being trapped in small confined spaces.

Anxiety refers to worrying or focusing on what could go wrong, rather than thinking about the event being a success.  Performance anxiety occurs when we think about a meeting, call, speech, our sports performance, etc turning out anything other than a success.  While the above types of fears all relate to past fears of one type or another, anxiety relates to future fear or worry.  It is much easier to let go of severe anxiety once the past fears have been addressed first. 

Letting go of past fears, phobias and anxieties
Once we identify the specific type of fear, it is then important to let it go.  Fears, fear of, phobias and anxiety hold us back from living the life we desire.  The best way to be free of the fear once and for all is to address it in a safe and comfortable way, without having to relive the fear of the past in order to let it go.  We have many different NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy techniques to assist you with addressing past fear, fear of, phobias and anxieties.

NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques work safely and quickly on an unconscious level to assist you with creating a long term change.  Imagine conquering your fears, fear of, anxieties and phobias and having the relationship, career, business, health, finances and life that you desire!

Dr. Vesna Grubacevic is the founder of award-winning company, Qt.  She is a certified NLP Trainer, holds a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy, is a Master NLP Practitioner and Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, holds a BEc and has over 29 years’ business experience.  Dr. Vesna is the creator of breakthrough behavioural change techniques, is a sought after speaker, and has a proven track record of assisting clients to achieve exceptional personal and professional success!  She offers transformational one on one consultations, seminars and certification trainings in NLP and Hypnotherapy.  For more information on conquering your fears, fear of, anxieties and phobias and for your FREE gifts, visit today or call Dr. Vesna on (03) 9653-9288. 

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