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Save ADAVIC campaign

The Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria (ADAVIC) is a grass roots, community-level organisation which acts to provide information, referral and support to those affected by anxiety, depression and related disorders.


The ADAVIC story is one which demonstrates the human spirits in turning tribulation into triumph. Its founder and managing director is Anna Kouloubos, who has remained the heart and soul of the organisation throughout its 24 year operation. Despite the horrors of her first-hand experience with domestic violence, and the subsequent challenges Anna faced with her own mental health and wellbeing, she managed to conceptualise and institute a service which would work tirelessly to support others.


At present, ADAVIC finds itself an enormous online presence, providing information and support to almost 260,000 people worldwide across its various Facebook and Email support services. This is mind-blowing given its comparatively small physical establishment in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Additionally, the organisation maintains a three day per week phone support service, fortnighly support groups in four locations and an extensive educational and professional development event program.


Throughout its entirety, however, ADAVIC has operated as a not-for-profit, self-funded organisation, and after a long slog, times are tough. Dishearteningly, a lack of financial support and ongoing funding has already seen cutbacks to support services in 2017.


Those within the ADAVIC community, both internally and externally, can appreciate the endeavours and ongoing efforts in supporting the community. They recognise that the services they provide are unique and wide-reaching, but the time, effort and resourcing that they require to maintain their high level of quality, may well be the organisation’s undoing. ADAVIC strongly believes that every little bit helps and are appealing to all mental health advocates, supporters, activists and service users to help them help you.


We are hoping for those who are reading this will help by donating to ADAVIC.


There are several options of ways to donate to ADAVIC – see below.


Direct Deposit
BSB: 063142

(please email us at so as we can provide you with a receipt – please make sure to reference your name if using this option)


You can also call our office on 9853-8089 and donate over the phone 
(office hours Wednesday to Friday from 10.30am to 4.00pm)


Thank you to those individuals who have already donated to the  #SaveADAVIC Campaign.

self-funded organisation
. We welcome your contributions
donations, and memberships.

If you would like to sponsor ADAVIC
or help with fundraising, please
contact the ADAVIC office.

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