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Mental Health Week Charity Event 2017

Knox Health and Sports Clinic is hosting a Mental Health Week Charity Day For ADAVIC on Saturday 14 and 15 October, 2017.

Attendees will have access to a range of seminars covering Anxiety and Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, the Benefits of Acupuncture, Nutrition on Anxiety and more.

For those eager to recharge batteries, pilates, meditation and yoga classes will run from 8am - 12pm and 3pm - 5pm, Saturday only (see schedule for class times*).  

Don't miss ADAVIC special events including 'Anxiety and Depression' seminar by clinical psychologist and media commentator Sally-Anne McCormack and an insightful and educational performance on OCD by cabaret star and spoken word artist, Amy Bodossian. 

A $15 one-day entry pass gives you access to information sessions, seminars, and performances about mental health (excludes pilates, meditation and yoga classes):

Saturday 14 October - Day 1 / $15

Anxiety and Depression (Sally-Anne McCormack)

Sally-Anne McCormack 1.jpg

For those who interact with people who have anxiety, depression, stress, or who just struggle with negative thinking patterns, Sally-Anne McCormack will offer you some advice and strategies to help reduce their unhelpful thoughts; and you will learn some positive psychology strategies along the way to help in your own life!

 McCormack is a Clinical Psychologist, media commentator, former teacher and author of two books - “Stomp Out The ANTs – Automatic Negative Thoughts” and the children’s book “Living With ANTs” as well as having created a poster, “Which ANT Are You?” to help people learn strategies to deal with depression, anxiety and stress.
12.30pm- 1.30pm
Benefits of Acupuncture for Anxiety (Tori Le Gassick)1.30pm- 1.45pm
Nutrition on Anxiety & Depression (Beth Morgan)1.45pm- 2pm
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*To book a pilates, meditation and/or yoga class, go to click on 'making a booking online', select 'classes' from the menu options, enter the date 14 October 2017 and book a time from the timetable.  Each class costs $15 and is not included in the day pass.

Sunday 15 October - Day 2 / $15

A Fresh Approach to Depression (Linda Black)10.30am- 11am 
Emotional Freedom Technique (Keith Hulstaert)11.30am-12pm
Holistic Addiction Recovery Program (Lesley Thomas)12pm- 12.30pm
Alcohol & Drug Intervention Assistance (Gavin Crosisca, Sober Living House)1.30pm- 2.30pm
Obsessive Compulsive Diva, a confronting, honest, and educational performance by cabaret star, spoken word artist, and OCD sufferer, Amy Bodossian.

Amy Bodossian.jpeg

Amy is a professional cabaret performer, spoken word artist, singer, actor, comedian and workshop facilitator, Amy has over 15 years-experience inspiring and educating audiences. Her performances have garnered rave reviews, as well as a Green Room Award nomination. She’s been on ABC's 'Spicks and Specks' and 'Please Like Me', performed at countless festivals across Australia, just released her first published book 'Wide Open', and acted as a motivational speaker and poet in residence for various corporate and community events. Her performance of her piece 'Pour the Champagne' was a highlight of the Mental Health Week Launch in 2017. Her shows are renowned for their raw humanity and the way in which she treats complex, sometimes challenging material with lightness, humour and a deep sensitivity.      


arrow_red.gif If any day 2 topics interest you click here to purchase your day pass

Venue: Knox Health and Sports Clinic 171 Stud Road, Wantirna

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