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How are you traveling and how can you make the most of the rest of 2018?

A conversation is overheard at the bus stop;

Can you believe it? We are half way through 2018!

Wait, what? Really?!

Yes, really - It’s the 1st of June today

Feels like only yesterday that I decided to take up yoga

And have you???

Bus approaches and the two friends are heard giggling as they board…
Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. And guess what? There are still 6 months ahead of us to achieve some of the goals that we so strongly set out at the start of the year. Let me assure you, it’s OK, it really is. We’ve got loads of time left and we can do this.


Many people have undergone a review at work, received a report from school, or perhaps have had some health markers delivered in the GPs office. It might be helpful to consider this mid-year review in much the same way.

For some, the process of self-reflection and insight comes naturally. For others, it requires a little more from a helping hand. It’s my hope that our readers will be able to feel that when reading through this article.

It’s useful to review goal accomplishments for the first half the year and then understand what you might need to work on for the remaining half of the year. It’s important for you to be able to recognise what you’ve done well - it’s in most of our nature to err on the side of pessimism. Be kind to yourself, this exercise is meant to help you. What have you learned so far this year? Did you achieve something that wasn’t planned? What needs to change for the rest of the year? Were the goals a little too big or too ‘stretchy’?

This mid-year check in is an opportunity to take stock and either stay or get back on track. After all, we set these goals for a reason, usually to feel better or make some sort of improvement - and that’s something worth pursuing. So here are some tips:

  • Get a whiteboard - I got one from Kmart for less than the price of a sandwich. Now, there’s some food for thought. 

¨ Write something about the goal and update it regularly. Trust me, it works.

¨ Keep the goal in the forefront of your mind

  • Was it a mental health related goal? Perhaps your work relationships were having a negative impact on your overall mood. You are pleased to find that you’ve made some huge improvements. Congratulations!!

¨ Consider what you changed in the review period and document it, so you’ve got something tangible

¨ Refer to this when things may not be going so well

  • Was your goal around saving money? You’ve checked and all you seem to be saving, is the planet… Well, the Marvel super heroes are. Cancel that subscription! Do something different.

¨ Netflix can cost up to $17.99 a month, so if you go ahead and cancel it you’ll end up with $107.94 saved. That’s more than you did in the first 6 months. There are free, legal streaming services or you can even watch the TV.

¨ Then look at building on this, one item at a time…remove a coffee here, maybe make lunch there…

Repeat these steps for each goal you set out at the start of the year. By the end, you will have a document that marks some achievements, some areas that will require more attention and perhaps some goals that were just too broad or unclear. With the latter goals, break them down into achievable steps for the next 6 months.

The next step is perhaps the most important tip in this whole article…


…Do I have your attention? 

Set a review date and keep it regular. It might be monthly or bi-monthly depending on what the goal is, and stick to it! This action is going to make everything worthwhile – it’s the pedal that keeps the accelerator engaged, so you can keep moving in the direction you chose.

Now, where are my yoga pants…


Written by Leo – ADAVIC Volunteer

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