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Depression - Useful Links

beyondblue is a national, independent, not-for-profit organisation working to address issues associated with depression, anxiety and related disorders in Australia.

The Black Dog Institute
The Black Dog Institute is a not-for-profit, educational, research, clinical and community-oriented facility offering specialist expertise in depression and bipolar disorder. Our site has been approved by the HealthInsite Editorial board to be a HealthInsite information partner and contains online educational programs about depression & bipolar disorder; a dedicated section for health professionals; online self-tests for depression, bipolar disorder and perinatal depression; a substantial perinatal section; a large selection of factsheets; online presentations of people sharing their own experiences of depression and bipolar disorder; online research studies, and much more.

Comprehensive, evidence-based information about depression and its treatment (including medical, psychological and alternative therapies). BluePages also includes interactive depression and anxiety quizzes, descriptions of the experience and symptoms of depression, a relaxation download, and extensive resources for help. Participation is free and anonymous.

Positive Psychology Centre
Care and Support for Individuals, Couples, Families, Adolescents, Children, Seniors and Business.
With a warm, inclusive environment and expertise across all areas of psychology and assessment, Positive Psychology is the practice you’ve been looking for.

Reconnexion - Treating panic, Anxiety, Depression and Tranquilliser Dependency
Reconnexion programs and services address the challenges of anxiety, stress, depression and benzodiazepine (tranquillisers & sleeping pills) dependency and related conditions.
Reconnexion provides counselling, telephone information & support, community information, and health practitioner education.
Reconnexion (formerly TRANX & PADA) is a not for profit organisation based in Victoria, Australia. In February 2014 Reconnexion merged with EACH Social and Community Health.

SANE Australia - Helpline 1800 18 7263
Our mission: helping all Australians affected by mental illness lead a better life.
SANE Australia is a national charity helping all Australians affected by mental illness
self-funded organisation
. We welcome your contributions
donations, and memberships.

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